Those who feel offended can also submit a complaint to the Council for Preventing and Eliminating Discrimination and Ensuring Equality. This Council
‘Same old, same old’. Although the European treaties assigned to the European Parliament a minor role in making the important decisions concerning
Europe gains political weight and economic substance in the parameters of perceiving Moldovan realities, even if the path is complicated and the
The most important thing right now is to see to what extent Russia will be able to take advantage of the new political situation in Kyiv and how much
This analysis sets out the main changes introduced in 2016 with adoption of new Law on Youth and its impact on the youth sector development in
[ARTICLE] Victor Guzun: i-Voting deletes geographical boundaries, citizens can exercise their voting rights wherever there is an Internet connection
[ARTICLE] Ana GHERCIU, journalist and editor-in-chief at portal. She studied Economics in Timisoara, but came back home and works as a
[ARTICOL] Eugen MURAVSCHI, writes his MA paper at the University of Istanbul (Sociology specialisation) on the ethno-political identity of the Gagauz