The Best Way Bulletin aims to set up a platform where the most appropriate perspectives and solutions are found for the issues and problems that bothers our society. The first issue of the newsletter brings to the reader a series of texts written by young professionals who know how to prove their point by clearly formulating their ideas and visions. Major issues such as education, culture, politics, economy, administration, ethnicity, history, activism, equality, citizenship, migration, propaganda and others that will be further discussed, require a constructive and positive approach.


The Champions of Change Project will celebrate the success of people with initiatives in order to further stimulate the courage and competence in carrying out activities of public interest. We will support individuals to become agents of change and create networks of people with initiative, who would do small, but life-changing things. An educated and vocal population will manage to pave the way to modernization. In a short while, LID Moldova will launch the call for applications and will make public the stages of the contest, which will culminate, in the spring of 2019, with an award-winning event.

THE 3 CORNERS Roundtable

3 Corners Round Table is a new initiative that will be implemented soon, during January – February 2019, having the goal to organize substantive discussions between citizens, experts and decision-makers interested in the outcomes of the Parliamentary elections of 24 February 2019 might have. Through these discussions, LID Moldova aims to contribute to setting up relevant and pertinent subjects for the public agenda, providing answers and building bridges between the three parties involved. We will publish at this section a report after the completion of the project. 


LID aims to organize in 2019 a series of public discussions on the topic of the adoption of Estonian reform practices in four regions of the Republic of Moldova: Center, North, South, ATU Gagauzia. Each module will consist of an event organized in an urban area and 2 events in rural localities. Modules in urban areas will be addressed to regional and local government, business, non-governmental, educational, cultural and opinion leaders across the region. The modules in rural areas will be organized in the localities with the greatest potential for implementing good practices but will be open to all those willing to participate.