Open Public Lectures

Open Public Lectures

Estonian practices in open public services and rural life

Estonia is an excellent reform model for the Republic of Moldova, given the multiple similarities between both states and the impressive results Estonia has achieved after regaining its independence. Both countries are roughly equal, with a small population number, similar political system (parliamentary democracy), the same historical past and sets of laws. Estonia is one of the most integrated states in the European structures and is very open to share this experience with Moldova.

Particularly important for the Republic of Moldova is the Estonian experience in the field of open and transparent public services and their implementation at all levels of central and local government. Such services have greatly streamlined the decision-making process. The interaction between officials and citizen reduced the corruption factors and the costs of administrative processes. As a result, Estonian citizens have fast and highly efficient services that contribute to a much better quality of life. There are many local Estonian initiatives that have demonstrated their effectiveness, many of them, with the use of small financial resources, using initiatives coming from the citizens, central and local public administration, business sector and the associative sector in respective localities.

LID aims to organize in the period of 15 - 18 April 2019 a series of public discussions (4 modules) on the topic of the adoption of Estonian reform practices in four regions of the Republic of Moldova: Center, North, South, ATU Gagauzia. Each module will consist of an event organized in an urban area and 2 events in rural localities. Modules in urban areas will be addressed to regional and local government, business, non-governmental, educational, cultural, and opinion leaders across the region. The modules in rural areas will be organized in the localities with the greatest potential for implementing good practices but will be open to all those willing to participate.

The purposes of public discussions:

1.Providing Estonian best practices in open public services and rural life;

2. Familiarize with the most stringent public services challenges in the regions of the Republic of Moldova and identify solutions that can be applied, using Estonian best practices;

3. Identifying the opinion leaders from different regions of Moldova and helping them to apply the best Estonian practices in their regions;

4. Promotion of European successful practices in rural areas and regions of the Republic of Moldova, including anticorruption practices.