The 3 Corners Roundtable

The 3 Corners Roundtable

LID Moldova invites mass-media and civil society to a round table discussion on the "Effects of the Electoral Reform on the 2019 parliamentary elections" on 7 March at the Bristol Central Park Hotel. The event is organized with the support of The Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation (BST) within the project entitled The 3 Corners Roundtable.

At this roundtable we will present an analysis of the results of the 24 February elections and facilitate substantive discussions between experts, decision-makers and citizens interested in the electoral field and the effects of the mixed voting system.

Through this project, we want to create a new platform for discussion and help build a critical thinking community capable of advancing ideas for a prosperous economy, a trustworthy government and a consolidated civil society. Through The 3 Corners Roundtable, we will focus on the real issues of society in the public debate and bring at round tables experts, decision-makers and active citizens.

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