About us

The Laboratory of Initiatives for Development (LID Moldova) is a new, independent, non-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan Think-Do Tank in the Republic of Moldova. It was founded in 2019 on the vision of a modern and free society in order to support impact-driven initiatives and encourage the people who make a difference in Moldova.

LID Moldova aims to promote democratic values and to build a balanced dialogue space where people of all backgrounds can express themselves freely and constructively. The initiative is at the core of our endeavor and it shall be encouraged in every environment - from small communities of people gathered around the goal of improving their living space, to civil society organizations fighting for transparency and fairness and academic communities working towards far-reaching ideals, at home and across the Europe.

Our mission is to transform Republic of Moldova into a genuine democracy and a vibrant economy. We will accomplish the mission by supporting individuals to become agents of change and create networks of people with initiative, who would do small, but life-changing things. An educated and vocal population will manage to pave the way towards modernization.

Responsibility, work-based meritocracy, and the celebration of success, openness and freedom, are our core values. Our state is young, but it was built on cleavages and wounds of the past. Therefore, promoting meritocracy in all aspects of the economic, political, cultural and social life should become a priority, as well as strengthening a critical thinking community in Moldova, capable of advancing ideas for a prosperous economy, a trustworthy Government and a fortified civil society.

Domains of interest
  • Rule of Law, Democratic Transitions, Democracy Assistance.
  • Free Market and Competitiveness.
  • Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.
  • Administrative Reforms (LPA and CPA).
  • Models of economic development and the role of SMEs.
  • The Eastern Partnership and the Western Balkans.
  • European Union and Euro-Atlantic Integration (NATO).
  • Energy, Environment and Sustainability.
  • Security and Defense.
  • Legislation and Electoral Systems.
  • Youth and women empowerment.


Our Team
Igor Ciurea

President, Youth Policies, Civil Society, Project Management. 

Victor Parlicov

Board Member, Energy Policies, Business Environment and Economy.

Dumitru Petrașcu

Board Member, Corporate Affairs, Management and Negotiations.

Vitalie Boghean

Board Member, Projects Coordination, Environment and Sustainability.

Andrei Bivol

Legislation, The Rule of Law and Human Rights. 

Rodica Crudu

European integration, European Union policies.

Victoria Cazacu

Coordination of cultural projects and PR.

Victor Guzun

International relations, Public administration reform, e-Governance.

Olga Guțuțui

Legislation and Media policy.

Emil Kirjas

Political communication and analysis, Public and international affairs.

Radu Magdin

Strategic communication, Leadership and Campaigning.

Dan Nicu

International Relations, Russia and the post-Soviet space, Strategic Communication.

Kevin Tammearu

Information technologies, Digitization and e-Governance.

Nicolae Țîbrigan

Information security, Media&digital literacy, Fact-checking